Vrăjitoarea Lori Bruno

Vrăjitoarea Lori BrunoLori Bruno is a Hereditary High Priestess and Elder of the Sicilian Strega line of the Craft of the Wise, founder and Head Mother of Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church, Inc., 1992 based in the Commonwealth of Mass in Salem, MA.

When Lori was born in 1940 she was born into one of the last lines of Oral Traditional teachings in which are handed down from generation to generation through the family. Lori born into an line of Ancient Dream Prophets out of Sicily and her family was known throughout the entire of the Mediterranean region for their magical and healing abilities. The family resided and is from the slopes of the ancient volcano Mt. Etna, not far from where the City of Catania stands today.

Lori is a descendant of Jauhar Al Rumi Elsiculi 969 AD, a General in the Fataniid Empire, was sent by the caliph of Baghdad to conquer Egypt. This he did and founded the city of Cairo, Egypt. As the stories were handed down in her family, General Jauhar became a convert into Islam.

In the fourteenth century after being prophesied by Lori’s ancestor years prior the Black Death also known as the Bubonic Plague came upon Sicily and with it brought a great loss of life, agriculture and more. Lori’s ancestory Donna Marietta {Little Mari}, was a healer, herb woman, midwife, and Maga Priestess of the Ancient Sikelian Goddess and because of this she came under heavy scrutiny from the Inquisition because of her practices. It was spoken that she could deliver infants and the mother would have a painless childbirth, which of course was considered a sacrilege because the Holy Bible stated “women shall give birth in pain.” Donna Marietta reportedly healed plague victims by using Arabic medical texts as handed down in her family for many generations. Donna Marietta also had a magical knife made of fine Damascus steel (a surgical instrument) that she used to open and drain the pustules of the plague victims. She was the only one who could cure anyone of the plague.

Marietta paid for her beliefs with her life, another senseless murder by the Vatican, she was burned alive and her ashes taken up into the wind that blew over the Sacred Island of Trinacria the original name for Sicily which means “three capes”. The winds swept over the island of Demeter and Persephone, and into infinity. Marietta’s beliefs survived and were carried down throughout the generations by her descendants. These are some of the stories Lori’s father had handed down to her concerning his side of the Family, who came to a free land, America in 1913 (the same year that Giordano Bruno was written by Annie Besant). Along with the family came the “Old Religion” from the Sacred Olive Groves to the land of the Mighty Oaks.

On Lori’s mother’s side there were people of the Old Religion as well, they came to America in the 1890’s. Lori’s maternal Grandmother, Zia Victoria (Aunt Victoria), was a midwife in the area of New York City, known as “Little Italy”, their family came to New York from an area of Central Italy known as Naples and Nola, from this side of the family; they too spoke orally of the ancestors, the Priests and Priestess of the Old Religion.

In her early twenties, Lori went to work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). She saw humankind reach for the infinite universes her ancestor Giordano Bruno spoke about in that bygone age and paid for with his blood. She saw the Russians name the crater on the far side of the Moon for him, a crater on the dark side of the Moon. 1178 Jun 18, 5 Canterbury monks reported an explosion on moon (only known observation). This is the proposed time of origin of lunar crater Giordano Bruno. (MC, 6/18/02)

Later in the 1970’s Lori met Leo and they formed a lifelong and infinite friendship, Leo himself a Sicilian Stregone, High Priest residing in New York City. Leo was a man who fought for the rights of people and for the Pagan Community and from that organized and won the right to hold the first Witch-In, in Central Park, NY on Samhain 1970. This was indeed a great Victory for the Old Religion as well as for all Pagan’s around the world. Leo became Lori’s mentor, best-friend and is her true Soul Mate to this day she honours and remembers him by celebrating his life daily and reminding all of us, her family what it really means to be a WITCH. I remember a story another High Priest within the family told me once, when he had the chance to meet Leo in person. Leo asked him, so you are learning to be a witch, yes; Leo answered back and said no, you are remembering who you are. This has always stuck with me and to this day, I now understand what all the messages, visions and dreams I had meant. Leo was an Honorary Elder of Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church which is a legally recognized religious body in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which was founded on the 400th Anniversary of the heresy trial of Giordano Bruno.

In addition to Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church, Lori has also founded Sacred Paths Alliance Network (SPAN) which was established in 1993 and Protective Organisation of Witches and Earth Religions (POWER), 1995, for religious freedom. SPAN is a charitable organization which gives 100 percent of all monies raised to AIDS related charities, mainly the Children’s AIDS Program (CAP) House of Boston.

On the 29th day of June, 2000 Leo passed over and returned home to Sumerland, and from this Leo got his wish, that is to see Lori write, the first thing she wrote was his biography for Llewellyn’s 2002 Magical Almanac. Lori is the Sole Heir to Leo’s works and holds all copyrights on his work both published and unpublished, recently she with the assistance of others have been ordering Cease and Desist orders on persons throughout the internet who were either selling or given away Leo’s work without prior permissions from this Lori’s has collected all titles and dates to when they are protected until listed on Leo’s bio page on her website. Lori wrote; Leo’s light will never be dimmed his light burns brightly forever within the hearts of his Coven family. Indeed, in Lori’s home, a light is perpetually for him as well as for her entire family and elders. The perpetual light is a tradition that is honoured by Italian Witches to show respect for those who have gone home to rest in their Sumerland of the Shadows until they are once again re-incarnated.


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