Vraciul Dorian

Vraciul DorianMediumship came naturally to him. Growing up, he always found what he needed at each stage. For instance, his family didn’t talk about religion but when he was six his best friend, who was Catholic, helped him learn about God. And when he had daily out of body experiences between the ages of 13 and 23, he travelled to heaven where he was sometimes taught by a guide.

His gift for mediumship first started to appear in his twenties when he would simply know things that there was no way he could have known. He received this information from spirits of those who had passed over and at first he had no idea to what to make of it. Eventually he asked God for help and, bit by bit, the pieces started to fall into place. He soon found the right books and the right people to help him in his journey. As he gained confidence, he started doing readings for people.

After many years of doing readings in person he began to do them on the radio in Phoenix. It seems surreal to think back on that experience, it all happened so quickly. The announcer explained what he did and that he would take calls – suddenly the phone lines lit up. That was it. After that he came back monthly and since then have always had a home somewhere on the Phoenix radio dial. The radio format allows him to help countless people at the same time as many of the questions he is asked are universal:
Is my departed loved one alright on the other side?
Did my miscarried child go to heaven?
Do we go somewhere when we pass?

When he assure the worries for one caller while others listen, many hearts are calmed.

It is always a pleasure hearing from you so if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact him. He would love to hear from you.

Please, use the contact information from this page to contact him for any issue or question. Please, understand that he receive a lot of emails and cannot reply to everyone, so please, be patient and understand that you may not receive a reply.


12 Responses to “Vraciul Dorian”

  • Peter Says:

    I met Dorian in person at his LA Office. He is extremely professional and it was a big change from the store front/tea room type places I had been to! I also see Dorian in his London Location when I am there on business. I also do telephone readings with him too (but I have to say his energy is amazing in person-he lifts you right up into another dimmention or something) I came with love problem. Highly Recommend. He has helped me more then words can express. Definitely will be back!

  • robert Says:

    Recomand pe acest domn, m-a ajutat foarte mult!

  • doina Says:

    si eu o recomand. m-a ajutat in probleme de dragoste. cat timp lucrarea rula tineam cu el legatura prin telefon si email primind intotdeauna detalii cum evolueaza si la ce sa ma astept. exact asa s-a intamplat totul cum mi-a zis.

    • vanda Says:

      doina, si eu sunt foarte multumita cu prestarile lui dorian. pacat ca inainte sa apelez al el am apelat la elena din ploiesti si ciresica din buftea. amandoua mi-au luat numai banii, fara sa ma ajute.

      dar dorian nu a fost ca ele. recunoscatoare pana la moarte pentru ajutorul primit!

  • gogu Says:

    foarte multumit de el! m-a ajutat cu rezolvare in 21 de zile. corect si de incredere!

  • aurora Says:

    l-am contactat ieri si azi noapte incep lucrarea cu el. sper ca chiar ma ajuta. o sa va tin la curent cu tot ce se intampla.

  • Dumitra Says:

    cu ce termen de rezolvare lucreaza Dorian? am nevoie de o rezolvare urgenta!

  • sebastian Says:

    dumitra, cel mai bine inteaba-l pe el. dealtfel, nu cred ca termenele pot fi acelasi pentru fiecare persoana…

  • lenuta Says:

    am nevoie de cineva, care aduce inapoi foarte repede iubitul. sunt gravida si mai am 3 saptamani pana sa nasc.. ce ziceti, dorian poate sa-l aduca inapoi inainte sa se nasca copilul?

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